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Telemedicine Solutions

"Dr. Paul Karpecki – CoolDoctors is the only telemedicine platform that impresses me and I feel comfortable using it to see my patients online"
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HIPAA Compliant and Secure Telemedicine Platform

CoolDoctors is a complete telemedicine solution for Ophthalmology and Optometry aid eyecare providers in delivering care to their patients at a distance. Our comprehensive solution provides an easy to use browser-based Doctor’s Portal to allow doctors to have a better insight into the patient's condition and the convenience to provide care and prescriptions from anywhere with internet access. While patients utilize intuitive apps for mobile devices such smartphones and tablets. The platform is HIPAA compliant and uses the highest levels of encryption to protect patient data – including the patient personal information and any photos that patients may share with their doctors.

Cloud Based – Doctors can get started in few minutes.

CoolDoctors provides a cloud-based solution which allows doctors to use the portal to see their patients from anywhere. Doctors can now see their patients from offices, home, and even while on the go. Our cloud-based solution provides the utmost security and data privacy, even if doctors or patients use the platform internationally.


CoolDoctors modular patient apps allows the doctor to follow up with patients for conditions and situations such as Dry Eye, Post-operative Care, Non-urgent Triage, and Review of Test Results.

IOS and Android Apps for patients

CoolDoctors provides patients with the convenience of using apps on the two most popular mobile platforms – Apple’s IOS for iPhone and iPads and Google’s Android for smartphones and tablets. No matter what mobile device your patient uses, its almost guaranteed to work with CoolDoctors.

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Benefits of using CoolDoctors

Patient convenience and engagement.

Patients have to come to expect to have app for everything – including seeing a doctor on a phone or tablet. CoolDoctors app provides the patients with a easy to use app to see their own eye doctor (you) online. At CoolDoctors we put the power of telemedicine into the hand of the doctor. We want the patient to get the right care with their our own doctor. Patient’s trust their own doctor and prefer to see their own doctor rather than pick one online. Currently patients looking for telemedicine solutions are seen by general practitioners with minimal training in eye care on a non-ocular specific platform. The CoolDoctors platform is a tool that gives you the ability to easily see your patients online for what you, their doctor, deems appropriate and indicated, unlike currently available "eye care" technology that mislead patients and attempts to bypass doctors altogether.

"Fact – Over 80% of patients would use telemedicine if available."

Improved outcomes of patient care

Doctors can remain in contact with their patients, strengthening the Doctor-Patient relationship, and provide better care while protecting your patients from receiving inadequate care from unfamiliar doctors online.

Get reimbursed for online visits

Parity Laws in most states require insurance carriers to reimburse for telemedicine visits at the same amounts as in-office visits. Doctors can potentially generate more revenue by seeing their patients off business hours or while traveling. CoolDoctors collects payment for patients with no insurance and transfers that amount to the doctor on weekly basis.

"Fact – Parity law in 31 states requires insurance companies to reimburse for telemedicine visit for same amount as an in-office visit."

Avoid penalties from using non HIPAA compliant communication.

As doctors who practice, we understand how much you care about your patients and that means being available for them when they are in distress. Patient's will send photos and information about their symptoms using text message, email, facetime, or messaging systems such as Skype, Facebook and Google Hangouts. None of these forms of communication are HIPAA compliant. They are a liability to the doctors who are simply trying to provide the best care available to their patients. CoolDoctors has the solution. Doctors can continue to use messaging or video communication with their patients using CoolDoctors apps which provides the necessary security, encryption and protection as per HIPAA compliance. Avoid possibility of audit and non-compliance penalties by using CoolDoctors for patient communication.

"Fact – Average penalty for violations of protected data is $4.1 million ."

Secure HIPAA compliant messaging with patients.

We understand everyone prefers to use messaging more than phone or video calls. That’s why we built a secure messaging feature in CoolDoctors to enable patients and the doctors to continue to use a familiar messaging format. It’s similar to any chat messaging, only secure and HIPAA compliant.

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Schedule appointments.

CoolDoctors provides an easy to use feature for patients to schedule appointments with their doctors. Doctors can choose their telemedicine practice hours and CoolDoctors manages those hours to allow patients to choose 10 minute video visit appointments. CoolDoctors also sends reminders to doctors and patients so you never miss an appointment. CoolDoctors allows for building a true hybrid office, part online, part in-office, with all care provided by you, for your patients.

Summary of encounter to add to your existing EMR system.

CoolDoctors generates a comprehensive summary of the patient encounter so doctors can import data to their existing EMR systems. No matter what EMR are you using the pdf format of the encounter summary makes it easy to add it to any EMR system. This summary of encounter can also be used for billing purposes.

"Dr. Moshe Mendelson – I just create a summary of the patient encounter on CoolDoctors and my billing office sends it to the insurance. I have never had any issues getting reimbursed for CoolDoctors visits."

Never miss a patient’s call. You can call the patient at your convenience.

Don’t worry if you missed a patient’s call. CoolDoctors allows you to call the patient back at your own convenience. Patients receive a pre-notification so they know ahead of time that you would call. So, don’t regret missing your patient’s call. Just use Call Patient button on the doctor’s portal to call your patient back using the secure video call.

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Learn More About CoolDoctors Care Modules

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Dry Eye Module

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Lasik and Post-Operative Module

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Non-Urgent Triage Module

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Test Results and Review Module

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